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What is the difference between ductless and ducted?


A unit installed in your home that has interior heads mounted on your wall where the heating and cooling will be dispersed. These indoor heads are connected with refrigerant piping to a unit that sits outside your home. As the refrigerant liquid moves through the pipes, it is either heated or cooled depending on your settings. The fan inside the indoor head blows the warm or cool air into your home for continuous comfort. This is a more common approach for homes that have already been built, that homeowners would like to increase efficiency in heating their homes.


Mechanically, the Ducted system is similar to Ductless applications, however the unit installed in your home requires duct work to carry heating and cooling throughout your home, as there are no indoor heads mounted on the walls. This is a more common approach in new builds or when clients are switching from forced air oil systems to heat pumps.

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