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Heat Pumps Cost Less Than You Think

Have you been thinking about getting a ductless heat pump for your home? Book your heat pump installation and receive a free, no commitment in-home estimate. 


The savings you receive from the gained heat efficiency will pay for your heat hump over time. Plus, all heat pumps also function as an air conditioner so you'll be ready & prepared to get relief from next summer's heat. It’s a 2-for-1 lifesaver for you and your family!

Keeping your home warm with a heat pump:

  • Better sleep

  • Gives your home better air quality

  • Means fewer insects & parasites in your home

  • Improved productivity

  • Protects furniture

  • Prevents electronics from overheating in summer

Saving money heating your home and help the environment!

Get in touch with Presidential Ventilation today!

Finance Your Presidential Ventilation HVAC

purchase in monthly installments


​Apply for financing up to $100,000.
Find out if you qualify in seconds. No obligation, no commitment.

Experience the Presidential Ventilation Difference

Quality, Knowledge, Trustworthiness with a strong warranty matters

Presidential Ventilation has been providing Nova Scotia homes and businesses comfortable and reliable indoor air quality. We have our own sheet metal shop, ductwork installers and refrigeration mechanics that gives us the ability to provide our customers with the best heat pump service and maintenance, along with one of the strongest warranties in the business.


Our Daikin heat pumps come with a 12-year warranty on compressors and parts, a 1 year Presidential guarantee and additional labour plan options available! Be sure to register your unit online to receive the warranty.


You can count on Presidential Ventilations experience, knowledgeable staff, and quality products to provide your family the comfort they deserve.


More About Heat Pump Cost Savings

The total cost will depend on what model you choose for your home, whether it is ducted or ductless, and what is needed in terms of installation.


Most homeowners agree that the best part (besides from year-round home comfort) is that it pays for itself in a fairly short period of time. 


When reading heat pump reviews, customers talk about saving significant amounts of money on their monthly bills since the heat produced is more efficient than other sources like electric or oil (i.e. heat pump vs furnace). Customers typically see a huge difference in their utility bills.


You will continue to save money long after the heat pump installation and after it has paid for itself. For more information on savings, check out the Daikin Heat Pumps Nova Scotia Cost Savings Calculator: Click Here


Presidential Ventilation Also Does Maintenance


For both a ductless and ducted heat pump, your indoor unit requires you to clean and/or replace air filters. This is recommended every 3 months or as needed. The cleaner your filter, the more efficient your system will operate. A thorough cleaning of your heat pump is recommended at approx. every 3 years.


For ducted heat pumps, your disposable filter is located at the air handler, typically found in your mechanical room. To purchase new filters, please contact us.


For a ductless heat pump, the washable filter is located under the front cover of your indoor unit. Simply open and remove your filter. Gently rinse your filter in warm water and allow to dry before placing back in the unit.


For both a ductless and ducted heat pump, your outdoor unit needs to be clear of all debris including snow, ice, and leaves etc.


For affordable maintenance packages, please contact

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