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Service Tips

The warm weather has arrived... Here are things you can check before giving us a call! 


  • Check the filter. If it is dirty, clean or replace it. 

  • If you have a ducted heat pump system, ensure the clear p-trap in the condensate line is clear of obstructions or debris. You may use the red and black brush provided to clear any obstructions.

  • If you have a ductless system and it is cooling, ensure that there is water draining from the exterior drain tubing. If there is not, you may have an obstruction in the drain line or drain pan of the unit. Both may result in an overflow of water and it may drip out of the front or the bottom of the unit.

  • Check the thermostat to confirm that it is properly set. Switch the mode to off and reselect cooling or heating. Wait 5 minutes. Some devices in the outdoor unit or in programmable thermostats will prevent compressor operation for a while. 

  • Check the electrical panel for tripped circuit breakers or failed fuses. Do not reset the breaker if it is in the tripped position. This usually indicates a larger issue. Call us for advice.

  • Check for obstructions on the outdoor unit. Confirm that it has not been covered on the sides or the top. Remove any obstruction that can be safely removed.

  • Check for blockage of the indoor air supply and return grills. Confirm that they are open and have not been blocked by objects (rugs, curtains or furniture).

  • Listen for any unusual noise(s), other than normal operating noise, that might be coming from the outdoor unit.

  • Is your system displaying an error code?

    • Ductless - Blinking continuously

    • Ducted - Error code at furnace or thermostat

If none of the above help - give us a call today at 902-832-1067

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