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What is a Daikin FIT?

What is a Daikin FIT?

A ducted (central) heat pump that uses inverter technology to FIT your comfort, space, and budget.

Why is inverter technology important?

It provides:

- Consistent temperature

- A comfortable home

- Efficiency and savings

Does my home qualify for a FIT heat pump?

- If you have existing duct work and are considering removing your oil

- If you're building a brand new home, we can build custom duct work with the Daikin FIT

- To better know if your home qualifies, it's best to book a free consultation with us! You can contact us at 902-832-1067 or

What are other benefits of the Daikin FIT?

- Smaller outdoor footprint

- Blue Fin corrosion coating

- Low operation sound levels

- Side discharge

- Smart thermostat

- Outstanding warranty

Check out our video below for more information &

why the Daikin FIT is perfect for our Maritime climate!

More information & resources for the Daikin FIT:

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15 apr

It's a  flexible Inverter for air conditioning unit that is designed for residential and commercial use. It offers precise temperature control, quiet operation, and significant energy savings. The FIT system adapts its speed to meet the cooling demands, ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency. To know more about this inverter you can contact HVAC Contractors in your area.

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