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What is a Daikin FIT?

What is a Daikin FIT?

A ducted (central) heat pump that uses inverter technology to FIT your comfort, space, and budget.

Why is inverter technology important?

It provides:

- Consistent temperature

- A comfortable home

- Efficiency and savings

Does my home qualify for a FIT heat pump?

- If you have existing duct work and are considering removing your oil

- If you're building a brand new home, we can build custom duct work with the Daikin FIT

- To better know if your home qualifies, it's best to book a free consultation with us! You can contact us at 902-832-1067 or

What are other benefits of the Daikin FIT?

- Smaller outdoor footprint

- Blue Fin corrosion coating

- Low operation sound levels

- Side discharge

- Smart thermostat

- Outstanding warranty

Check out our video below for more information &

why the Daikin FIT is perfect for our Maritime climate!

Video by Matriarch Productions.

More information & resources for the Daikin FIT:


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